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Cooking class, Lyon

The Diois Mountains

We are certain that Red Balloon custom itineraries offer a magnificent and unparalleled France holiday, but don't take our word for it. Find out what others have to say:

Jeni has that on-the-ground knowledge that you just can't get from someone in an office elsewhere who has vacationed but not lived long-term in France. She put together a lovely customized itinerary for us that will let us see the tourist highlights we want to see, which focusing our trip on the wonders we'd miss if someone didn't tell us to go find them.
Jennifer Flynn (New Jersey, USA)

Jeni is amazing. She took the basic things I wanted and turned our honeymoon from boring into an unforgettable adventure. She's knowledgeable and was great in providing everything we wanted.
(Michigan, USA)

This was our first time in France and unfortunately we really didn't have enough time to do everything we would have liked to. As the trip was a last minute decision, there was also limited time to plan. THANK YOU JENI for your patience and all of your effort to put this trip together for us. We could not have done it without you!
I really enjoyed the hotel in Grignan - the courtyard garden was beautiful and the smell of the lemon tree on the way up the stairs to our room reminded me of my late step-father's greenhouse. I dragged Tony down into the courtyard and indulged in two desserts, just because I could…where else am I going to get lavender ice cream?!!!
Tina and Tony Ferko (Ontario, Canada)

Jeni, you did a great job with the group and I was extremely impressed with your professionalism, your business standards, ethics and enthusiasm. Not to mention that I really, really enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with you and get to know you even better. I'm very fortunate to have met you.
Kathy Morton, Tour de Forks (North Carolina, USA)

Thanks again for organizing everything - I'm sure we would still be searching for an apartment without your help. I can't tell you how grateful we are to know you will be there to meet the girls & go through everything & that they can call you if need be. You have been highly professional & attentive and I really appreciate your prompt & efficient responses to the countless questions/requests in the quest to find the apartment.Thank you - You are a gem!
Sally Crocket (Victoria, Australia)

Best (and first) Bastille Day! Dinner was simply amazing & the Yacht was super. I sort of thought we were going to be on the 50+ person yacht, imagine my surprise when it was just the two of us -- what an experience. Thanks!!
(Pennsylvania, USA)

- Jeni, we are most appreciative of all your work on our behalf, especially the numerous changes of schedule. You really were a godsend. We are very grateful. You were extremely responsive and faithful to our requests. The apartment was superb and the restaurants you picked/recommended were outstanding.
- Another great day Jeni -- thanks. The cooking class today was fabulous, as was our dinner last night; an excellent choice.
- Everything is going well here in Paris. We love the hotel and the neighborhood. The only bad part is that we have to leave! Oh well. Thanks again for everything.
- The level of personal attention that you provide is, in our travel experience, unprecedented and most appreciated. Jeni, we can't thank you enough for all you did to make this a very special trip that we will remember for the rest of our lives.
Lee Levine (Maryland, USA)

- I've been meaning to write to you to thank you for planning our trip to Lyon this summer. … Your help in organizing our time was very much appreciated, and each day was very special! Your accessibility was an added bonus!
- We're back in the U.S. after a fantastic three weeks in France. Thank you for everything you did to make things run smoothly. Your help with planning and "on the ground" follow-through and troubleshooting enabled us to enjoy our time in a way that wouldn't have been possible had we done it on our own. We really appreciated your great recommendations, as well as your prompt responses.
Shelley Block (Maryland, USA)

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how amazing our trip really was! Every day someone asks me about it and I just ooze enthusiasm. We really did appreciate all your planning…. I just loved France and would like to learn French and visit again.
Tina Davis (Colorado, USA)

Thanks again for all your help, and we look forward to future correspondence about next year.
Lee Higdon (Connecticut, USA)

- Everything that was planned for us was organized perfectly. It was a wonderful experience overall! We were very interested in exploring the cuisine of France, and Jeni did a great job incorporating that into our itinerary. Our cooking class was so much fun and all of the restaurants she recommended to us were fantastic!
- Since Jeni provided us with a GPS, it was very simple to find our way. Whenever we needed assistance Jeni was always available to help us to our destination! I enjoyed the variety of excursions that were planned for us. The hike and picnic at Domaine Rocheville was so lovely!
Hilary Levine (New York, USA)

Jeni has now planned two incredibly memorable trips for us and has not let us down once! She is delightful to work with and has become a friend of the family. Our vacation to France in July 2010 was a very special trip, and Jeni went above and beyond to make it even more memorable. From sending a bottle of wine to my sister for her birthday to letting restaurants know to congratulate us on our engagement with a special dessert, her efforts and seamless planning made our trip one we will remember with great fondness for years to come.
Sara Levine (New York, USA)

The hotels- both of them - were a pleasant surprise- both of them very very good and the owners were very caring, very clean- top for this category.
Violeta Kleiniené, Radius (Lithuania)

I really enjoyed the tours you took us on. I wish we had been able to spend more time with you. You made the trip so much more delightful for all of us ladies. I hope we meet again.
Debby Hoglund (USA)

Everything worked out beautifully. Thank you for arranging the car rental. Some of the other wedding guests had to return their cars on Saturday and they couldn't believe we had the Sunday deal. The car rental guys were so nice. My husband got a refresher lesson in driving a stick from the guy who picked us up at the station. The French people were very nice to us. I always used my bit of French and it was appreciated. One day a French woman asked me for directions. I loved that she didn't realize I was a tourist. I see why you chose to live in this lovely country. I hope to return.
Regina Freedman (Pennsylvania, USA))

We were truly desperate to find a car with an automatic transmission for our trip to Macon, FR. Jeni found one when everyone else told us there was no hope - and we checked with dozens of places. Without Jeni's help and perseverance, my family and I would not have had the greatest vacation we've ever spent! That car was not just transportation; it was freedom to spend our time as we wanted, on our own terms. We would never have been able to experience a fraction of such happiness if not for Jeni's efforts. All went exactly according to plan.
Eric Baumann (USA))

Eugene and I had a great day today visiting the Châteauneuf du Pape wineries. We got some fantastic wines, but the highlight was meeting the actual winemakers and hearing firsthand the history and art behind their unique wine making styles! We just checked in to le Crillon le Brave and the room is extraordinary. It has 2 side by side claw foot bathtubs overlooking an incredible view of Mount Ventoux and the valley below. Sitting here on our private terrace, we are surrounded by the soothing sounds of nature and beautiful chimes of distant church bells. This is what every vacation should feel like. Thank you Red Balloon for making this trip so special!
Jamie Chan (New York, USA)

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