Left:  Peynet Kiosk, Valence and Right:  Parc Jouvet,Valence

About Red Balloon Travel and Consulting

The 1956 film "The Red Balloon" "Le Ballon Rouge" was my very first introduction to the country I now consider home. It was this film that established an inexhaustible interest in the French people, their country, and their culture. When I finally visited France in high school, the ancient architecture, phenomenal artwork, divine food, and breathtaking landscape only served to increase my unabashed admiration for the land of liberty, equality, and brotherhood.

Six years later and fresh out of college, I found myself back in France and teaching English in the Drôme region, in the heart of the Rhône-Alpes. I couldn't have imagined a better location ! Enraptured by the regional beauty, the gastronomical wonders, and the generosity and sincerity of the people, I knew Valence was the right place for me.

Following a year of teaching, a stint in sales, and the launch of Penny Kenny's Irish Pub with my Irish husband, I finally realized I could not keep all these amazing experiences to myself. I had spent the past four years unveiling the many secrets the Rhône-Alpes and becoming an authority in my own right in regards to the region and the interests it holds for small group travel in France. I needed to impart my firsthand knowledge to those who have yet to discover the splendor of this region. Thus, after extensive research and tenacious perseverance, a France travel expert I became, and Red Balloon Travel and Consulting was created.

The company logo is indicative of the services provided by Red Balloon Travel and Consulting. The red hot air balloon represents both:

  • the aforementioned film and my first French travel experiences; and
  • the Rhône-Alpes region, where the hot air balloon was invented by the Montgolfier brothers of Annonay.
  • The four arrows pointing in different directions evoke:

  • the freedom of choice and multitude of possibilities provided for you by Red Balloon's customized travel itineraries in France.
  • Red Balloon provides expert France travel consultation, ideas, and organization for your ideal holiday in France. By enabling you to experience this magnificent region and to travel France in your own manner, Red Balloon allows me to rediscover France through the eyes of each new traveler. Who could ask for anything more?

    Jeni Matthews - Copyright Michel B.

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