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Excursion Ideas - Festivals

France is alive year-round with festivals revolving around various themes including art, cuisine, music, cinema, history, and even poetry These celebrations are a wonderful way to participate in the Rhône-Alpes culture.



Festival of Lights
Lyon has celebrated this illustrious event every December 8th since 1852. That day, so many years ago, a statue of the Virgin Mary, looking down on the city from its new perch on the Fourvière hilltop, was to be inaugurated when bad weather forced the city to delay the celebrations. Rather than allowing their spirits to be dampened, many people lit candles in their windows, while others took to the streets with candles. Even without the inauguration, the celebrations continued. More than 150 years later, the festival lives on. With the city's houses lit, a huge light parade, fireworks, hot mulled wine, fresh crêpes, and a contagious energy, this is a celebration not to be missed.


Fête de la Musique
The Minister of Culture began the Music Festival in 1982 as a means to promote the music culture in France. No matter where you happen to be in France on the 21st of June, music of all genres surrounds you. Concerts are held in parks and other organized venues. Every street corner finds someone sharing his talent and love of all that is musical with the rest of the world. During the Fête de la Musique, as long as it's musical, anything goes.


Summer festivals
As soon as the days become longer, the Rhône-Alpes is full of non-stop celebrations. Jazz, food, poetry, wine, clothing, pottery, cinema, Shakespeare, classical music, folklore, puppets; anything and everything is reason for a festival. Every week there is something new to celebrate.

May - September

The Rhône-Alpes prides itself on its vast culture; the multitude of expositions and gatherings is a way of sharing this culture with others. Throughout the year you can partake in events including contemporary art, photography, medieval times, outdoor markets, haute couture shoes, lavender, hiking, wine, children, toys, and triathlons.


Wine festivals
France is, of course, a treasure trove of magnificent wines. Although the grape harvest begins in late summer, various wine festivals are offered year-round. From Jazz in the Vines, to the Saint- Péray festival, to the Beaujolais nouveau, there are numerous ways to enjoy your vin!


While the Moulin Rouge is probably the most famous cabaret in the world, the Rhône-Alpes is also able to introduce you to this world of live entertainment. The Folies du Lac offers a dinner/spectacle experience not to be missed.


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Festive merriment

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Fête de la Musique

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