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Custom Itinerary Examples - A Celebration of Taste

Custom Rhône-Alpes Culinary Itinerary

Southeast France is renowned for its many different culinary achievements. Spend time discovering the wonders of Lyon, gastronomy capital of France. From there, move southwards to experience other delights including a wine-tasting course followed by a walk amongst the very same grapes you've just relished. Finally, try your turn as a chef with a cooking class in Grignan. Clairette, ravioles, black truffles, cheese, and chocolate; this is one holiday where you'll leave hungry for more!

Day 1 - Gastronomy Capital

Once you've settled into your luxurious hotel in the centre of Lyon's vieille ville, take advantage of your surroundings. Use the first day of your holiday to discover Lyon, with its traboules and silk museum, trompe l'oeil paintings on the buildings, Fourvière Bascilica, Croix Rousse, and, of course, gastronomical masterpieces. Take a slow bike ride through the city as you take in the sights. Enjoy the laidback atmosphere of a typical bouchon lyonnais.

Day 2 - La Pogne, Valhrona

Bourg de Péage is the destination to learn about the traditional pogne, bread sweetened with sugar and orange flowers. Then treat yourself to an afternoon learning the trade secrets behind Valhrona, arguably the best chocolate in the world. Finally, dine in Romans where you will discover the local specialty, ravioles (not to be confused with the Italian ravioli).

Day 3 - Rhône Valley Wine

Today is dedicated to the sophisticated art of winemaking. Begin with a wine tasting class in Tournon, where you will learn the delicacies of the process from beginning to end. After a satisfying afternoon meal in Crôzes Hermitage, take a walk up and through the vineyards before discovering a few of the local wine producers.

Day 4 - Nougat, Clairette de Die

Begin your day in the picturesque twelfth century perched village of Mirmande. Look on in awe at the stone houses lining the village ramparts, the gardens full of flowers, the Sainte Foy church perched at the top of the village. Your afternoon will be filled with more local specialties, including the nougat of Montélimar and the Clairette de Die.

Day 5 - Picodon, Truffles, Olive Oil

Discover picodon, a spicy, dry goat's cheese, in the town of Dieulefit. From there, should your customized France holiday take place in the winter, you will then have the chance to visit the weekend truffle markets and observe the process of choosing and purchasing the "black diamonds." Finally, head to Mirabel aux Baronnies to test some of the luscious local olive oil.

Day 6 - Cooking Lessons

Within the shadows of the looming Château de Grignan can be found the charming Maison du Moulin. It is here, in the heart of truffle territory, where your cooking lesson will incorporate this precious delicacy into your dishes. After hunting the mysterious truffles with Philippe and his truffle dog, dinner tonight will be of your creation, straight from your oven and onto the table.

Day 7 - Last Day

Enjoy your last few hours of Southeast France sunshine while strolling through the cobblestone streets of Grignan.

After six days of local cuisine, it is time to say goodbye to the mouth-watering gastronomy of the Rhône-Alpes.

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Fresh bread at the market

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Maison du Moulin

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