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Excursion Ideas - Culinary



Cooking Lessons
Professional chef or budding amateur? Try your luck at cooking French style. Much as in other countries, the different regions in France have different culinary traditions. In Southwest France, the cuisine is often derived from the land's treasures: truffles, mushrooms, zucchini, peppers, squash, apples, peaches, olives. Learn how to incorporate the techniques to bring out the best in your favorite dishes.


Mushroom / Chestnut / Truffle season
Autumn in the Rhône-Alpes is an exciting time. Not only are the grapes being harvested, but the mushrooms are in full bloom, the chestnuts are just begging to be gathered, and soon the truffles will be ready to be hunted like gold nuggets. Enjoy the shorter days by taking walks in some of the region's vast forests. Be sure to take big baskets with you to collect your treasures! In the evening, settle down with a welcoming glass of red wine and a delicious mushroom risotto made with your personal harvest.

September - March

Grape harvesting and wine making
Learn all about the time honored tradition of the grape. Take part in the process that results in the sumptuous glass of wine before you; oenology classes, tastings, harvests, walks among the vines, or just the purchase of a bottle are all possibilities.

September - October

Olive harvesting and olive oil
The area in and around Nyons offers some of the most exquisite olives in the world. Learn about the oil making process and the strict appellation d'origine controlée label. Finish by tasting for yourself the magnificent treasures that come from the tiny olive fruit.


La Carte Gourmande
The Gastronomy Card allows you to dine in some of the most well known restaurants in the region where a select menu is offered at a reduced price to all card holders. This is a wonderful way to introduce yourself to the best cuisine France has to offer.


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Walking in the vineyards

Restaurant Bistrot des Vins

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