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Custom Itinerary Examples - A Little Bit of Everything

Customized Comprehensive Rhône-Alpes Tour

Perhaps you would like to make the most of your holiday by introducing yourself to as many aspects of the Rhône-Alpes as possible. Why not include wine, gastronomy, sports, culture, and history in your custom itinerary? Leave France enlightened with a global understanding of this region - and of France.

Day 1 - Wine Tasting, Boating, Palais Idéal

Begin your adventure in Tain l'Hermitage with a bit of wine-tasting, followed by a walk amongst the vines and up to the famous Hermitage chapel that surveys the precious grapes. From Tain, enjoy a boat ride down the Rhône River to Valence in the département of the Drôme, where you will have lunch on a terrace situated on the river banks. After lunch head to Hauterives; marvel at the Palais Idéal du Facteur Cheval, the dream and triumph from Ferdinand Cheval that you must see to believe.

Day 2 - The Vercors

The Vercors is probably best known for the role it played in World War II, for it is in these mountains that the last volunteer soldiers (resistors) were conquered while trying to entrap the German soldiers. Begin your day with the aqueducts of Saint-Nazaire-en-Royans that are straight out of a fairytale story. With the deep blue-green water surrounded by the tree-lined banks, the giant arches invite you to climb to the top to see what they hide. From here make your way to Vassieux-en-Vercors and the Resistance Memorial. Take time to hear the personal stories of those who lived high in these mountains through the horror of World War II.

Day 3 - Pottery Class

The small perched village of Cliousclat is famous for its pottery. There are no fewer than five pottery shops in this town of 600 people. This art form has been practiced in abundance since before the tenth century, when the high clay levels of the land were finally realized and put to good use. The pottery comes in all shapes and sizes, glazed or other, simple designs and intricate ones, rich, deep colors of green, brown, black, red. Meet and work with the people who have dedicated their lives to maintaining this tradition.

Day 4 - Saint-Péray, La Garde Adhémar

Spend your morning in the Château de Crussol, high in the hills above the Ardèche town of Saint-Péray. In ruins today, this twelfth century castle, once belonging to the prominent Uzès family, was used as a defense base during the religious wars in the sixteenth century. Have lunch in the beautiful village of the Garde Adhémar, and take your time discovering this medieval town, including the Jardin des Herbes (Herb Garden) and the Eric Linard contemporary art gallery.

Day 5 - Canyoning in the Ardèche

Departing from Saint Montan in the Ardèche, try your hand at canyoning in the Cevennes. Multiple sports combined into one, canyoning includes swimming, jumping, sliding, rappelling, all within the confines of the canyons. After the day's events, amble around the town of Bourg Saint Andéol before settling down for a much needed calm and relaxing evening.

Day 6 - Perfume making

Leisurely enjoy the slower pace of life as you stroll sun-kissed cobblestone roads in the towns of Grignan, Valréas, and Nyons. Take the time to see the Château de Grignan, to do a bit more wine tasting, to discover the world renowned olive oil. Take part in a perfume making class, where you will be taught how the essential oils from the Rhône Alpes' aromatic plants are extracted and used to produce perfume.

Day 7 - Le Crestet, Vaison-la-Romaine

Spend the morning discovering the city of Vaison-la-Romaine. Cross the Ouvèze Bridge that connects the modern city to the medieval "haute ville," or high village. The Notre Dame of Nazareth Cathedral and its magnificent cloister, the archeological site of Villase, and, of course the "haute ville," are all wonderful examples of Roman architecture. Spend your last afternoon in the hills of the village of Le Crestet and its ninth century castle. Surrounded by hills and forests, this beautiful medieval village, with its breathtaking 360° view of the Pays de Vaison-la-Romaine region is well worth the detour.

Day 8 - Last Day

Spend your last few hours discovering the parts of Vaison-la-Romaine that you have yet to see. After seven days of mountains, valleys, local cuisine, and art creation, it is time to say goodbye to the unequivocal beauty of the Rhône-Alpes.

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Peynet Kiosk, Valence

Lamastre villagers

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