Left:  Lamastre, Center:  Ardèche in Autumn, Right:  Richerenches

Excursion Ideas - Beyond the Rhône-Alpes

Add a day or two to your custom itinerary and discover the France that lies just beyond the doors of the Rhône-Alpes.



Normandy Calvados and Camembert
In springtime the gastronomes of Paris eagerly anticipate Normandy's special culinary treasures: lamb grazed on saltmarsh grass, wondrous camembert, and zesty crème fraîche made with spring milk. This year, taste these specialties yourself, by traveling with Oldways, the Boston-based non-profit known worldwide for its expertise in culinary traditions, and Susan Herrmann Loomis, award-winning international cookbook author and long-term proprietor of her own cooking school in the heart of Normandy. This is your opportunity to see traditional cheeses made at a 15th century manor… visit an oyster farm… enjoy cooking demonstrations and exquisite meals … pay homage to the "greatest generation" at the D-Day beaches… and learn how calvados is distilled… all with a small group of like-minded food-lovers.

April 25 - May 2, 2010

Les Férias de Nîmes
Nîmes is probably best known for its 1st century Romain amphitheatre located right in the city centre. Rather than keep it under lock and key, the city opens the amphitheatre doors to the public for various events; concerts, sporting events, meetings, and most notably the Férias. The Pentecost Féria, and Grape Harvest Féria (Féria des Vendages) are the biggest celebrations of the year: a week of grand festivities centered around the famous bullfighting, or corrida.

May, July, September

Follow in the footsteps of French artists
(Savin, Cézanne, van Gogh, Augier, Barjavel, Peynet…)

Learn about the authors, painters, photographers, who used France as the backdrop for their work. Understand their lives, what influenced them, and why they chose their styles.


Festival d'Avignon
Both the Avignon Festival and Festival Off celebrate the art of the theatre. Over a period of three weeks, the city's 100-odd venues are filled with performances. The performances of the main festival are universally themed around a specific artist, while the Off Festival is a joining of artists from all over the world offering a huge variety of unique performances. You will even see plays being performed in the streets!


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