How Does Red Balloon Work?

Aural - Copyright RAT/P. Blanc

Rugby match, France vs. Ireland

Original wrought iron artwork

Nougat Heaven - Wall painting, Montélimar

Market day, Valence

The primary mission of Red Balloon is to provide each client with a customized travel itinerary that allows him to independently discover Southeast France in his own style, at his own pace.* Red Balloon trips are designed to be flexible, always keeping your best interests in perspective.

Exclusive Customized Itinerary

  • Getting started - Travel Consultation

In order to ensure a successful journey, it is absolutely essential to understand the person or group traveling in France. This is why we ask you to first fill out a questionnaire that we will discuss together. Only then can the design of your perfect France holiday begin:

- What is your purpose of travel?
- What is your objective?
- What are your interests?
- What is your budget?
- With whom are you traveling?
- For how long will you be traveling?

To begin planning your France holiday, please complete the full questionnaire, or contact Red Balloon

  • Creation - Customized itinerary

Equipped with the questionnaire's information, the itinerary can be specifically designed for the traveler (s):

- Have French cooking lessons always been a dream?
- Does a hot air balloon over the vast Ardèche countryside sound amazing?
- Do long walks present a problem?
- Is a babysitter needed for an evening?
- Would a meal at the 3 star Michelin Restaurant Pic be an itinerary highlight?
- Are you fascinated by the resistance movement during the Vichy France of WWII?
- Is getting to know the French people a prerequisite?
- Is a personal guide indispensable?

Each travel plan is carefully designed around your specifications. We have personally evaluated each step of the trip, including hotel, restaurant, and all activities. While standards may vary depending on the budget, the quality is always uncontestable.

  • Approval

Well before your adventure begins, Red Balloon will provide you with all the information necessary to make your Rhône-Alpes France excursion as wonderful and memorable as possible. The most important detail is, of course, the itinerary. You will receive a comprehensive plan that will describe every step of your trip, including pricing.

You will have a list of all hotels, restaurants, transportation and activities, as well as the details for everything, including websites, telephone numbers and any other pertinent information.

This personalized itinerary serves as both an informative and evaluative tool. The wonderful advantage of Red Balloon is that every travel itinerary can be modified. Should you see something that is unappealing to you for whatever reason, Red Balloon will adjust it to your satisfaction. If you feel too many (or too few) activities have been included; if you don't like the look of the hotel from the pictures; if you don't enjoy snow shoeing; all this can be modified. The itinerary is not finished until you are 100% confident about your future France vacation.

  • Additional information

In addition to your customized itinerary, you will receive various other material that will help you prepare for your journey. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

- vouchers for hotels, restaurants, and rental cars and tickets to all museums, expositions, concerts, etc.
- a list of books, films, and newspapers that will provide you with appropriate background knowledge,
- local recipes,
- a list of popular music,
- a list of vital information including road rules, common customs, and conversions,
- useful maps,
- a discreet booklet of simple translations and pronunciations, including common foods and phrases.

  • The adventure begins!

Upon your arrival, we will personally greet you and provide you with any additional information you might need, including emergency numbers, a French cellular phone, a GPS system and coordinates. We will remain in daily contact to make sure all goes according to plan.

Should any unforeseen hiccups occur, Red Balloon will do its best to fix everything as quickly as possible so that you may continue your adventure without further incident.

  • Until next time!

Your adventure over, we will once again meet with you to ensure that all has been to your satisfaction. We will check to see you have all you need for your return trip and bid you "adieu" until your next custom tour in France.

* Unless otherwise requested, customized itineraries are provided without a guide.

For all pricing information, please contact Red Balloon.

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